Manage your CCTV system to conform to GDPR

Proper management of your CCTV surveillance system is essential in order to conform to the Data Protection Act 1998. You must have documented evidence that you are managing your CCTV system correctly.

Everyone knows about GDPR by now, but conforming to the new rules for CCTV can give you a legal headache. Many of the rules are not new, of course, and that is why our Data Protection Pack for CCTV has been popular with CCTV users since the year 2000.

These rules still apply, but the GDPR introduced 25 May 2018 has greatly increased the need for CCTV users to comply. GDPR covers much more than CCTV, but our data pack is only designed for management of a CCTV system.

CCTV Data Pack for Data Protection

In our CCTV Data Pack for Data Protection we supply a comprehensive code of practice that will suffice for all situations where CCTV is installed in public premises, business premises, schools, private clubs and in some cases, domestic environments.

The pack, as well as the important Code of Practice, contains all the various forms that you should be using in order to conform to the Data Protection Act 1988, in PDF format.

The forms are concerned with various aspects of the management of a CCTV system, some of which need to be filled in on a daily basis, while others are hardly ever needed. They are there if the occasion arises.

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Our CCTV Data Pack contains a summary of the way it should work. What you need to do and some of the pitfalls. You will be surprised how basic procedures and equipment can cause you to fall foul of the law. Simple changes are all that are needed in most cases. Many people do not use the correct signs, nor site their monitors correctly. Do you ever check that the control equipment is displaying the correct time? Can you allow police access to your data?

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In order to fully understand the legalities we advise you to get the official leaflets from ICO (Information Commissioner's Office).